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morning thoughts...

mirrors... your reflection, it's so cool how that works... but what would it be like if we never had mirrors... or you could never see your reflection. you know how you're reflection is an image that has been reversed, ya? and we use mirrors everyday, primping, making ourselves look good... but what if we didn't have mirrors and never knew what we looked like... or our backward selves looked like, at least... and we'd be trying to make ourselves look good just by feel... our hands... by other's perceptions, "do I look ok??" that would be interesting... just a thought. =)

our senses... so awesome. you ditch one sense and you have to rely on the others... you're blind... you have to feel and listen... you're death... you have to watch and feel for vibrations. it's interesting how it strengthens your other senses to have one lost... =( and =) could be a bad and good thing...
our senses allow us to fully enjoy life though... to feel emotions, to taste all the exotic kinds of foods, to touch all the different textures in our surroundings, to smell things that will make your mouth water, to see, to hear, ahh... etc... too much to love and cherish in this lifetime...

Someone was telling me how we unconsciously always think in infinity and how it's harder for us to think finite substances... Well, the stuff around us is always made of finite ideas... my beautiful flowers a certain someone gave me. =) My books, my phone, my laptop...etc... They are 3D things with edges... on the x-y-z plane the points start and stop at the edge of it's solid material...

But conceptually... we always think about things infinitely. That's true... the universe... how vast it is... (we think) and ideas/philosophies... how endless they are. Never know what's the actual "truth," huh? It's just the way we perceive things... our own opinions and ideas on different things... hehe... interesting the way you can analyze everything and tear just about anything apart.
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