dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

the other day...

I saw another one of nature's remarkable beauties. ^_^ One of the ducks in the UW fountain was standing on the perimeter... on one leg!!! First I felt sad because I thought the duck had lost a leg somehow... but then it amazed me how well it balanced on that one leg.
There was a little flutter in the corner of my eye and as the duck shifted i's wing about to find more comfortability, I saw the other yellow/orange leg tucked carefully away beneath the left wing. And there it stood, proudly against the sun and the clear blue sky... balanced on one foot.

Can you imagine if humans were to stand around on a single foot? We already are a very unbalanced species w/ two feet (instead of four...umm... well, not including our crawling stage during the toddler years). Now thinking about us all hopping around on one foot..... that duck just made me stare at it in awe... =D

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