dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

Just some random quotes as I browsed through to do my English homework

"I am not a has-been. I'm a will be." - Lauren Bacall

"Journal writing is a voyage to the interior." - Christina Baldwin (Woo-hoo! Us journal people rule!!)

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." - Toni Cade Bambara (Just like what NIKE says.)

"Wrinkles should only indicate where smiles have been." - Ethel Barrymore (Remember to say that one to your mom as she gets older!! *grins*)

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible -- it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could." - Barbara De Angelis (RIGHT ON!)

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." - Ingrid Bergman (*grins*)

"Always remember that the future comes one day at a time." - Dean Acheson

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle
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