dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

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Why did the lights go out? Why do I stand here alone cold and shivering in the darkness?

Where did the people go?
What does my heart desire?
Why do my insides feel,
as if on raging fire?

Feeling around, I touch only air,
The matter is gone, but once was purely there.

I sway violently, the swirl of lights, dizzy,
I vomit out my insides.
Blank, Nothing, I no longer feel, touch,
The emptiness in my mind.

My heart weeps, on the other side.
I can no longer caress it,
Only helplessly listening to it cry endlessly.

No more destination,
No more sense of control,
The sun sets, and where's the moon?
Somewhere over the mountain it rolls.

A soft stroke against my cheek,
A numb stare through my eyes,
The well of stone,
Now wrinkled and dry.

Where did the people go?
I turn around, they have walked away.
I find myself dancing this dance alone,
The same lone dance for the rest my days.

Where did the people go?
Why doesn't the music ever stop?
How long does it take?
Until finally I completely drop?
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