dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

the earthworm...

i was on my way to phys 123 lecture when i walked by this earthworm about 10 inches in length with a diameter of about 1 centimeter. the pearly pinkish of it's skin shone with the reflection of the sun. (yes, it's been sunny the last two days. *grins*) it's slender body consisted of it's perfectly lined up segments, one after another. the huge earthwarm was in the middle of the sidewalk and was crawling it's way back toward the grass and soil for shelter. i stopped, paused to bend over and study the elegant creature. watching as it slowly, but steadily pushed on towards it's home nested securely in the soil. i've never seen such a big earthworm before. ^_^ it was probably the most beautiful earthworm i've ever seen. i longed to reach down and touch it, to delicately feel the texture of it's wet skin... but i knew to leave it alone and let nature perform it's magical tricks... so i stood up straight and continued walking to class.

10 steps later, i paused again to turn around and peer at the magnificent creature...and to my SHOCK! there was a bird already in it's place, greedily devouring it's freshest meal of the day. it had swooped down in the seconds i had my back turned and was hungrily eating the picturesque moment i had just stopped to admire moments before. indeed nature does run it's own path, but i couldn't help frowning at the bird and feeling a little saddened by the death of such a wonderful earthworm.
earthworms, you know give nutrients to our soil...which is how we can grow such tasty, fertile crops for consumption (to get a little bit more technical). hehehehe...

argh! hehe. ((frustrated over the death of an earthworm???? *you laugh* ^_^)) i know i'm silly and strange like that sometimes. ^_^
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