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"I am here because I'm grounded and need to do community service," one girl mumbled. You could just hear her groaning inwardly for having been forced (?) to our Girls For A Change meeting last week.

But a part of her was there because she was curious, I knew. "Thanks for being honest," I encouraged. "But don't worry. GFC is fun and we hope you'll soon see this too!"

Fastforward to one week later. During our GFC meeting last night, we were 10 minutes into our discussion when that very same girl turns to me with a wide grin and excitedly asks, "When's our next meeting? Are we having a meeting next week?? Are we??" My eyes went wide at the change and the enthusiasm she suddenly had for GFC. I returned her grin and almost winked to reply, "If everyone's free next week then we can definitely have our next meeting."

I love working with these girls. Their enthusiasm, passion, and drive will just blow you away. I can only imagine what impact they'll have in college - and we have 4 seniors this year applying all over - Harvard, JHU, UW, UC's, Stanford, CMU, Dartmouth, etc. and I know they are capable and will implement amazing changes wherever they go.

Good luck ladies! Thanks for making my life greater than it is.

Oh, and we are having a meeting next week BTW. :-)

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