dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

Sweat sets between finger crevices as you try furiously to wipe it into your thighs, leaving dark stains on your pants. But the effort is only awarded with more damp, zebra lines.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

You can hear the clock ticking away. Not at its usual pace, but in a furious dance. "ticktickticktickticktickticktick..." Glancing around you see no big bens and realize that the clock exists solely inside your head. And you are running with it, trying to always sprint a step ahead.

Need to calm down. Need to think more clearly.

The strain begins at your tailbone and runs its path through your veins, up the spine, tensing the neck, and seeping into the fiery brain. The pirates are chasing each other like on the Caribbean ride of your favorite childhood place, Disneyland. Around and around they go. Spinning circles.

No need to rush. Nothing to worry about.

Squeezing the temples, you try to force the time bomb to stop its ticking. Massaging away the thousands of stresses, pictures of flowers, song, laughter, and love flash moments across the screen. Rolling the film in an endless flight as if the credits will never be reached, the story forever playing.

Be in control. Be smart. Be strong.

You finally take that one last breathe of entirety.... and slowly let it wind its way out. Steady. Sure of whom you are. Who you want to be.

The journey may be long and treacherous. But you will be there. Sitting on top, relaxed and sighing your heart's content. A smile bright across your face knowing it was all worth the while.

And the view from the top? Amazing.

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