dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

Today, 5 years ago... I lost a dear friend of mine to a battle against leukemia.

In 5 more days it will be the birthday of another dear friend of mine that I lost over 4 years ago to suicide.

But it is not a time for mourning. They will always remain with me, by my side. In memory of them, I say rejoice. Rejoice in their memory. Rejoice in the laughter that was. The happiness that was. The friendship that was. The love that was.

For in my heart, all of it will always live on... but I will also live on too. That is my duty to them. That is my duty to life. That is my duty to all of you.

It is a beautiful thing to fully grasp the present. To do things, accomplish things, and be so fulfilled with the present. It is a beautiful thing to remember the past. To remember what was and what had been. It is a beautiful thing to look forward for the future. To anticipate and be ready what the future may bring.

I thank all of you who I've received the honor to walk beside. In my past. In my present. In my future. For all of you are what makes it so beautiful.

I dedicate this beauty to them now. I miss you, April. I miss you, Kevin. My heart will never stop remembering. And I will be using my constant strength to help us all move forward -- into the future.

With My Love
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