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I was trying to think of the different points of view. Of course there are more thoughts, and these are all biased from my own perspective of things. But it's interesting how through the pros and cons, we are always happy, yet frustrated at the same time. haha. (It can also suck, if we feel like we're never satisfied with life.)

The Life of a Single Girl

"Wow, this is great! So many men! So many choices! I have the whole world upon my hands! I can flirt freely, be the woman I want to be. Yes! So much freedom! So much room to breathe, to fantasize, and no other person to worry about. Argh. Could you imagine having a whining man on the side always wanting your TIME. This is the best! So carefree! Woo-hoo!

BUT, I'm so lonely. No one to care for me. No one to pamper me. No one to get physical and emotional comfort from. Why is it that I miss the comfort so much? Why is it that I miss the touch? Oh I wish I can find the one..."

The Life of a Taken Girl

"Yow, baby! My man is a hottie! What can I say? He's sooo sweet, sooo adorable! He knows how to please me, always cooing words of love and poetry. I feel like I can fly above the clouds with him standing by my side. I am his little princess, and he always spoils me with gifts. Oh, how I love him. He feels like THE ONE.

BUT, where is my freedom? Why do I always have to call him? Why does he get so possesive? And so greedy and demanding with my time? Why doesn't he love me enough? Why does he get so jealous when I'm just having a good time with friends? How come he won't give me any space?..."

The Girl In Between

"Sure there's a guy... or maybe a few. Gosh, perhaps even interested in that one guy. It's good. No commitment, no dependence. No annoying whining about needing all my time. This is awesome! I'm not lonely, but I don't have to give up everything for him either. I'm just having so much fun!

BUT, where is this leading to? Does he want me? Is he interested? Will this become something more in the future? Are we wasting time if this isn't anything? What if I grow too attached, and if so, will I hurt myself? Does he want more? What is this relationship called? Or is it one at all?..."
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