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Life: The Great Puzzle

So I'm working on this 1500 piece puzzle now. My sister's been helping me out. We started it last Friday and I give it a day or two more and it'll be done soon. (I stayed up until 2 AM yesterday piecing together the entire sky portion.) Next time I should buy one of those awesome 5000 piece for the challenge...

So like the puzzle, life consists of all these little pieces that fit in their rightful spots. If a piece is missing, the picture is incomplete. But unlike my lovely 1500 piece puzzle that will hang above my bed after completion -- life's puzzle contains an infinite number of pieces. What about when you die? Doesn't that complete the picture? No, why? Because of the legacy you leave behind. The memories you left with those here still on earth -- they will continue to tell your story. Items you once owned will be passed on to others, perhaps sold to antique stores 100 years from now -- so the pieces of your puzzle are endless.

And every piece counts. That's what is so brilliant about life: even the worst, most dreadful points (though pray we can prevent these from happening). Everything happens for a reason, and thus, this is what makes every piece of life's puzzle so important.

- From the time I was created in the womb: My first puzzle piece appeared.
- To the time I first saw my mommy's face: The pieces are all a blur from the lack of recognition.
- To the time I first went to school: And then so many pieces starting appearing for all the friends I made.
- And then moving to Taiwan: Created a lot of distance that had to be travelled across the puzzle board. (I was definitely running out of puzzle glue by this time and had to refill the bottle.)
- And even in my deepest despair of wanting to commit suicide in the 9th grade: My puzzle pieces were dark with slashes of angry color.
- To the time I went to college and had my fun: Wild bright colors dot the board of the parties and events I took part in.
- To my time here and now, discovering God and growing as each day blossoms anew: My puzzle is not even near halfway done, and there are those calm pastel colors with hints of paintbrush strokes of darker solids for my ambition and determination...

And like a puzzle, we will always encounter problems/situations in life where decisions must be made, things must be chosen... Life is full of puzzles, but life itself is one great puzzle as well.

Each of us has a neverending story to tell...

How is your life puzzle coming along?

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