dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

Can't wait to see your smile, little one!

I bought an orchid plant about 1 1/2 weeks ago to liven up my cubicle at work... and it's been so amazing to watch the progress of its growth. The second night I saw the plant, there was this one flower beginning to peek out of its little bud. I thought, "Cool! A flower that will open in time!"

I come in the next morning and the entire flower had completely *BOOM* opened, its petals expanded and stretched out as if to proudly shout out, "Here I am! I am here! I exist! I love life!" I was surprised, as I didn't realize that flowers open up that fast! So I held my hands up as if in surrender, "You win. Open up! I can't top the strength of you, little flower, though I am probably 50 times your size!" *I laugh* "You win, little flower! Glad to see you eyes are wide and open! Welcome to this fantastic world!" ^_^ And the flower is still standing there proudly next to its brothers and sisters, wide awake and proud to be a part of the family.

And then the next one came... it opened and blossomed. Each the same, but with its own uniqueness. "I am younger than the rest of you," it proclaimed. "For I am here now, the baby of the family." The eldest one of the pack nods, already feeling its wisdom has grown beyond the others. "Yes, yes, little one. You have not faced the tiredness and weariness of how long I have been out here, wide awake, but growing tired of standing with age. Yes, yes, little one. Come out and shine! Bring your refreshing energy of youth and happiness! Welcome to the world."

And just yesterday night, I tapped on a particular bud, still sleeping away in its hiding place. I turned to my co-worker and announced, "I'm waiting for this one. It looks like it'll be next. Yes, this one has potential." We both nod in agreement and expectation. So today I walk into my office, and what do you know? That particular bud is beginning to peek out from its little cocoon. It still hasn't opened to reveal the brilliant colors of its petals... but like a little child, it begins to take its first catious peeks of the world... testing the waters to make sure the temperature is all right. And when the child finally feels satisfied and secure -- it will come out probably by tonight.

Yes, little one. Welcome to this wonderful world!

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