dreamland (dreamland) wrote,

Today is a new day...

... and I'm ready to face the music. I'm a singer after all. ^_^ I feel the music, and I sing what I feel. But I've always hidden behind the mask that you wear when you stand up on stage. A beautiful red dress flowing in soft waves around the ankles. Your face made-up and the hair pinned up in intricate patterns.

The music starts, the piano is played... and you become another person. You perform gracefully... because it's not me on stage. It's the other.

I'm ready to peel off the mask. Wipe away the streaks of lipstick and mascara. Strip off the dress and throw on a robe. Curl up on the couch with a pint of chocolate ice cream after soaking in a soothing bubble bath. I am relaxed and comfortable. I am happy.

There are so many friends I miss. So far in distance, but close to me in heart. You deal with what you do have close by, but you long to talk to those far away. And you can only wonder how they are, how they're doing. How they've changed. What they've become.

And there you sit, licking off the dripping chocolate from the shining spoon. There you've changed. There you've grown. There you've become. And that is all you truly know.
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