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A new approach...

I had drawn it first. Super Pig. The cape billowing out behind him with the perky smirk of the upturned snout. Leaving behind a cloud of dust from its speedy flight I had thought my pig to be almost perfect.
Smoothly he had stolen my notebook out from under my hands. Before I could protest he had picked up his hand and defiantly started defining his own lines along the delicate paper. As the professor's voice brought me back to class, I could only sit there quietly waiting for the return of my notebook. The girl a seat beforeme had turned back and given me 'the glare' quite a couple of times already as if to say "Shut up or I'll tell the teacher on you." We weren't in elementary school anymore.
I fumbled my thumbs around, playing with my fingers and smearing the sweat of my sticky palms across the dried skin starting to cake the in-betweens of my fingers. Impatiently I swiftly glanced at the clock. 30 more minutes. I didn't want to look too eager so I only allowed myself a brief glimpse. 28 minutes left. My attention was back to the sweaty dry prunes protruding from my palms. I picked away the carcass of the dead skin.
Finally, he gave such a proud smirk and returned my notebook to its place. I stared down at his "perfect pig." No line out of place. No excess marks or gray-black smears that my hands always tended to leave wiped across the image. Everything was to a masterpiece of curve, line, and contour. I've never imagined such perfect cylinders for feet as what was drawn on the paper in front of me. The neatness of the drawing made me ponder if he had the hands of a female. Males aren't supposed to make such neat lines on paper, or are they?
Steadily, I lifted a finger to gently trace along the indentations in the paper made by the hard-tip of his writing pencil. He gave a sideways grin of a 3 yr-old and proclaimed to me, "Now that's what I call a Super Pig!" I tensed up from lack of compliments my own drawing had received in comparison to his of all perfection. Then calmed myself and slowly turned to sweetly smile up at him and say, "Yes, I believe that is power pig. Very well drawn indeed." Pleased with himself, his grin widened and he beamed with such pride that I had to quickly turn my head to cover my own mouth in a smile of laughter.
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