dreamland (dreamland) wrote,


It's 85 degrees.

The red digits blurred my eyes. At 6:30 PM, I stepped out into the sunset and breathed in the dry heat. A small breeze blew across my skin. I shivered.

In my 3-inch heels I gracefully stepped my way to the car and settled down behind the wheel. Plugging in my shiny new IPod FM converter - an addition from Ter's amazing generosity on my recent birthday - I pulled out of my spot and zoomed down the long-stretch of Cushing Parkway.

Devnee (my cute little '04 Corolla) held tight as I pumped the accelerator with my right foot. We flew into a sharp curve and melded onto the 880 traffic. Together, we had a mission. An absolutely fantastic mission that we shared between the two of us.

1) Get home safely.
2) Grab some candy.
3) And pop in a sappy chick-flick.

Ahh... the joys of relaxation. :-D
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